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Agenda: Monday, September 9, 2019

Day 1 intensive sessions for supervisors and care coordinators are now being combined into topical learning sessions. These sessions are designed to build on the growing evidence around certain populations or to address common misperceptions and challenges staff members face in their efforts to implement Wraparound effectively. Supervisors, care coordinators, and other local system partners and providers can select from nine topics when registering for this Academy. State and organizational leaders and parent peer support participants have intensive sessions that are tailored to those specific roles and include the presentation of the Wraparound Implementation Standards — State, Wraparound Implementation Standards — Program, and the newly adapted Stages of Implementation Completion – Wraparound.

Use the left and right arrows below to click through the slides and view information about each of the intensive sessions.


Near, Far, Wherever You Are:
Breaking the Ice on Wraparound in Rural Communities

This session is intended for any attendee who has an interest in the implementation of Wraparound in rural communities.

This intensive will explore the uniqueness of serving rural communities with the same high-quality, high-fidelity Wraparound as provider saturated urban centers. Care coordinators and supervisors have to think and work differently to support quality practice across hundreds of miles with little access to formal services.

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