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Keynote Address: Neuropsychology for Wraparound Teams​

Dr. Andrew Zabel is a clinical neuropsychologist who has spent the past 30 years in various professional treatment and assessment roles involving children and adolescents, including residential treatment, foster care, community-based rehabilitation, and hospital-based clinical neuropsychology. Through these experiences, Dr. Zabel has gained an appreciation of the interplay of children’s brains and their environments.


Academy Overview

The Academy is designed to allow participants to delve deeper into content than at a traditional conference. The first day of the Academy includes full-day intensive sessions. Participants are required to select their preferred intensive when they register. This year’s Academy will be a little different than years past, with the intensive sessions for supervisors and care coordinators now being combined into topical learning sessions. These sessions are designed to build on the growing evidence around certain populations or to address common misperceptions and challenges that staff face in their efforts to implement Wraparound effectively. State and organizational leaders and parent peer support participants have intensive sessions that are tailored to those specific roles and include the presentation of the Wraparound Implementation Standards — State, Wraparound Implementation Standards — Program, and the newly adapted Stages of Implementation Completion – Wraparound. The remaining two days of the Academy will consist of engaging 1½- or three-hour sessions that “dig in” around implementation factors and topics to support growth for all levels of the workforce.

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Welcome to Baltimore!

This year’s Academy will take place in the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, located at Harbor East, just steps from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, which is an attraction in itself. Surrounding this urban waterfront park, you’ll discover a number of places to visit. The National Aquarium features more than 16,000 animals, from sharks to a giant sea turtle, while the Maryland Science Center is home to two-story dinosaurs and various interactive exhibits.

If you are looking to explore beyond the Inner Harbor, it is recommended that you travel by water on Baltimore’s water taxi! From Baltimore’s famous Inner Harbor to Fort McHenry (home of the national anthem) and everywhere in between, the water taxi connects you to the finest attractions, restaurants, bars, shopping, and history that Baltimore has to offer. Participants can explore Fells Point’s spirits (spooky and bottled), restaurants, live music, antiques, collectibles, one-of-a-kind shops, history, theaters, and, according to local legend, the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe. Canton Waterfront Park, Korean War Memorial Landing, and Locust Point are excellent areas to experience all that Baltimore has to offer. If you want to check out a neighborhood that exudes Charm City flavor more than any other, make your way to Hampden for a collection of everything Baltimore, from nostalgic kitsch to the ultra-hip to the wonderfully tacky. Hampdenites are proud of their pink flamingos, beehive hairdo wigs, frequent use of the word “Hon,” and the occasional John Waters sighting.

We would like to thank each of you for attending our Academy and bringing your expertise to the gathered group. As systems of care reform efforts advance, the National Wraparound Implementation Center will continue to create opportunities like this to ensure the most up-to-date and cutting-edge information is shared. Throughout the conference, we ask that you BMORE engaged and help us shape the future for all youth involved in Wraparound and their families.

Thank you!

The National Wraparound Implementation Academy Team

While patterns of brain development often equip children to meet the evolving demands of school and life, the balance between brain development and increased environmental expectations can easily be “thrown off” around key transition points. These “out of sync” periods can contribute to behavioral and emotional challenges for children and the community members that support them.

Dr. Zabel will highlight patterns of brain development that occur over childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood, and discuss their relevance to the individual’s transition into the roles and responsibilities adulthood. Please join us as he shares his top ten list of brain science’s “greatest hits” that every Wraparound team member should know.

Welcome to the 2019 National Wraparound Implementation Academy!

Welcome to the 2019 National Wraparound Implementation Academy!

We are thrilled to have you join us in the necessary work of designing and supporting effective service systems, as well as the ongoing development of a well-prepared workforce to install, sustain, or expand Wraparound efforts. During the course of this three-day Academy, we hope to build skill and provide pertinent tools and information you can utilize once back in your state, tribe, or organization.

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