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The National Wraparound Implementation Center (NWIC)     

supports states, communities, and organizations to implement Wraparound as part of broader health reform strategies. NWIC uses innovative approaches grounded in implementation science and spanning the policy, financing, evaluation, and workforce development areas to comprehensively support implementation and build sustainable local capacity to provide high-quality Wraparound, thereby increasing positive outcomes for children, youth, and their families.

We provide support that is intensive and individualized, yet affordable. The work is focused on building sustainable local capacity to provide model-adherent, high-quality Wraparound, thereby increasing positive outcomes for children, youth, and their families.

What is NWIC?
What does NWIC do?

NWIC Approach

NWIC works with states and sites at any stage of implementation, from initial planning to established initiatives, using an integrated, tailored, and intensive approach to implementation support. NWIC uses a strategic combination of in-person and technology- enabled strategies. NWIC’s expanding array of technology-enabled communication options includes telephone and video conferencing, a virtual training center, the Virtual Coaching Platform (VCP), and web-based implementation fidelity tracking systems.

Why Focus on Implementation?

By focusing on research-based drivers of implementation, we can more effectively and efficiently deliver and sustain high-quality human services, such as Wraparound, leading to positive outcomes such as children and youth living and thriving in their homes and communities.


NWIC concentrates on three main areas of implementation:

  • Organizational and System Development

  • Workforce Development

  • Accountability

NWIC Approach
What is Wraparound?

What is Wraparound?

Wraparound is an ecologically based process and approach to care planning that builds on the collective action of a committed group of family, friends, community, professional, and cross-system supports mobilizing resources and talents from a variety of sources resulting in the creation of a plan of care that is the best fit between the family vision and story, team mission, strengths, needs, and strategies.

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